28 Sep 2011

South Arapaho Summit

Leadville Chuck and myself made it to the trailhead just after 9am. Another glorious Colorado fall day

We were running for a decent time so no new pics of the first 2.1 miles / 1,150' of the ascent (trailhead to the mining ruins - see link below)


We made it to the mine in about 40 minutes and headed up - views were awesome

The peak came into view

This is Arapaho Glacier - where Boulder gets it's water

Half a mile and 700' from the summit. WTF?

There was a 10-minute stretch where I thought about turning around. Paralyzed with fear of heights at 12,900' HAHAHA - not good times. Leadville Chuck led the way finding the "easiest" route. Shortly after one false summit we had made it. HAHAHA!

Close up of Long's Peak and its shorter twin Meeker

Mandatory summit pics

Back down took a few final pics of the glacier and the summit

Round trip was 8.9-miles and 3,295' in 4h06m

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  1. Insanely cool...got to be in great shape to do this, awesome!!!