30 Jun 2011

Stormy Weather

Sunset from the house

This was the other house we looked at last week - the view. Of the power company. You could hear these wires humming. Off the list

Last Sunday there was a fire - Lefthand Canyon for the 3rd time in 3 months

Slurry bomber

Yesterday and today thunderstorms have rolled in. Yesterday there were 4-6 fires from lightning strikes, including one that is still burning

24 Jun 2011

Back House Hunting

We saw two houses today - one on the street where we are renting and another just three minutes west of the house we had an offer on just over a month ago

We liked the latter. We decided after just getting out of the $875K house that we would try to keep as much financial flexibility as possible. So, this house is smaller at 2,582' on 1.2 acres


The thing about the size is it's brilliantly laid out. Still, it's about 1.5 rooms short of what we ideally wanted (where the "almost bought" house was two rooms we had no use for). And while it doesn't have the glorious mountain views, it would cost $375K less (assuming we would buy for $500K)

The pics are more for us to look at and see how we feel


Entertaining Room

Not-So-Formal Dining Room


Spare Bedroom

Hockey-Watching Room (also known as TV Room)


View from Overlook

Master Bedroom

In between the Master and the Office is a small little screened-in area. Kind of cool

The Office

Front Porch

Side Porch

View looking East


Boulder Running

After being a fat ass in the Pacific Northwest for 3 weeks, have hit the training hard to prepare for the Breckenridge half marathon Labor Day weekend

This is a great run that I need to enjoy in case it floods - the Boulder Creek Path. I think you could make this a lot longer (in Boulder) but starting from the Justice Center and running to the end at Four Mile Canyon is a round trip of 5.7 miles with 400' of elevation gain

Look for the rock climbers in the next two photos

Here are the views from the house we are renting. Getting kicked out on July 3rd but back for August and 10 days in September...

19 Jun 2011

Seattle to Boulder

After Vancouver and a night in Redmond we made the 2-day drive back to Boulder

Maureen was driving

The best pic in a long time - real cowboys!