19 Jun 2011


1,500 miles of driving to experience Vancouver during the Finals and I was crushed (B.C. natives more so). Still, no regrets

The run was fun before we were in Vancouver - with our flag flying somewhere

Up in Vancouver it was nothing short of spiritual. We enjoyed the house in Deep Cove with it's views

Everywhere we went everyone was talking Canucks. This was at our local coffee house

Highlights included watching the games at the local pub with 100 new friends, meeting most outside smoking, and a full bar singing O Canada as proudly as possible. This pic below was about 40 minutes before game time - everyone stood and removed hats for the anthem

Game 7 was incredible and full of tension - although once it was 2-0 the mood was stunned and at 3-0 we all knew it was over

I was not involved in any rioting

Thursday we headed back to Seattle

Last views of the city

Back in the U.S.

New art at the border

As we entered Redmond we saw this in the distance - turns out it was a Puget Sound Energy substation on fire

Friday we left for the long drive back to Boulder...with no Cup

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