28 Jul 2013

Burro Days '13

A few weeks of inspections and contractors and a break was needed - so we headed up to Fairplay for Burro Days!

On the way up stopped off in Nederland for the Eldora 10K - a tough little course at 9,200' with 950' of gain. 53:34 for 26th / 151

Sunday took Hudson out for one of our favourite runs; the trail to Silverheels at 11,500'

Hummingbirds are always in great numbers in Park County

Our favourite time of the Burro race is when everyone is getting ready

We caught this guy eating his person's race bib

Finally got to meet the Champs, George Zack (in the black hat) and Jack

The race begins...

The full two-and-a-half minute movie of the start on Main Street

On the course where it turns onto Mosquito Pass Road

Burro racing legend Curtis Imrie

The leaders for the short course (15 miles) coming back for the final stretch

Now that we'll be settling in Colorado it's time to find a burro and start training for 2014...

21 Jul 2013

Mount Audubon

Headed up Mount Audubon in the Indian Peaks Wilderness

Running down from the summit, I took a head-over-heels tumble down the large boulders. Got up a little disoriented and had to figure out where all the blood was coming from. All fine

On the drive out saw these guys

18 Jul 2013

South Boulder Peak

Saturday was the "Run Like the Wind" 10K in Allenspark. Small town races are awesome - this one had good food, a bluegrass band and a tough little course. And door prizes - won a 2-hour guided horse ride

I saw that last year only two people had broken 50 minutes so decided to go for the win. I wasn't aware that there was 750' of gain over rolling hills and came in 4th at an 8:10 pace (did not break 50)

The home purchase was delayed a week as our landlady (the seller) had to replace some pipes and had some other issues - but we are finally under contract

We got financing and locked in the rate - our broker is this guy, a former OT who played for the Steelers & Vikings

Green Mountain with Hudson Sunday morning - his 12th summit!

Finally did South Boulder Peak today with Leadville Chuck and a buddy of his, Woody. I wondered how Woody - a marathoner who qualified for Boston but doesn't really run trails - would do. He kicked our ass and made it to the summit 8 minutes before we did. Anyways, had read it was a 6.7 miles RT with 3,000' - the gain was right but it ended up being 9 miles as Homestead & Towhee have been re-routed (seems pretty permanent)

Damage from last year's fire

Summit views

Hopefully will be heading up to Fairplay next week for Burro Days...

9 Jul 2013

Fourth of July

Started the 4th off with a 4K over by Avery brewery. My goal was to break a 7-minute mile pace. Missed by one second. Booo!

I come across at 5:28 in this video. It doesn't look like I'm going very fast. I had envisioned myself looking more like the guy who came across at 5:38. That guy is awesome

Went up to the old mining town of Jamestown to hang out with our friend Jill for the afternoon. The local parade

Wood chopping contest

Fireworks in Boulder from the back porch

Random pics from runs:

Green Mountain

Gold Lake Road trail from Jamestown



We will be buying the house we've rented off-and-on the past few years. Given the wife is excited I was able to negotiate that the next house we buy in 5 years will be in British Columbia.  This will be our view every evening until then (assuming nothing fucked up is found during inspections)

1 Jul 2013

Back to Boulder

Moonset over Galisteo Basin

Final sunset in New Mexico

Hudson and some Santa Fe buddies

The last week in Eldorado was really hot - 90F in the early evening. We drove around to cool down as they don't seem to believe in air conditioning. Hud loved it as he thinks anything over 60F is warm

We had some baby birds living on our back porch. The parents worked non-stop bringing them grasshoppers and other such yummy things

On the drive to Boulder Saturday we took US-285. Just north of Alamosa we stopped at the UFO Watchtower - a hot-spot to see UFOs

Stormy weather between Salida and Como - one of the most scenic stretches of driving anywhere

It is good to be back in Boulder. Pics from random runs

I was going to take today off for a celebratory Canada Day mountain run, but the back was sore - the usual, not enough stretching or core work. Hope to be OK for July 4th - already signed up for a 4K just up the road at Avery brewery followed by free beer