31 Jul 2012

Fairplay Burro Race

There are two races I want to do - Imogene Pass and Fairplay's Pack Burro Race

There are actually two Fairplay races - a 15-miler and a 29-miler. Both head up Mosquito Pass, a 13,185' mountain pass from Fairplay to Leadville. The 29-miler goes to the top and comes back to Fairplay (> 3,000' of climbing)

Sunday we went into Fairplay to wander around pre-race and see the burros. The burros need to carry 33lbs, including a pick, shovel and gold pan - official rules here

Curtis Imrie - 3-time champion (in the fun hat)

Hustling to the start

Front Street was again packed

This is a great video - the start of the race

We came up with a not well thought-out plan - drive up Mosquito Pass as far as we could and I would run to the top and then back down while Maureen would watch the race from an aid station near Highway 9. Doing the math we realized she would be driving through all the racers - bad idea. We turned around after 3 miles but a few racers were already on the way up. We pulled over and got a few great pics

George Zack would go on to win the race

We got off Mosquito Pass Road and parked at Aid Station 1 - I'd guess this was 4.5 miles into the race

Heading up Mosquito Pass Road

This is more a very fun event with great people than a race

30 Jul 2012

Llama Race

Saturday were the Llama races!

Maureen registered for the non-pack race (the pack race required the Llama carry 33lbs)

Wandering around Front Street pre-race

The guy - Carl (maybe Karl) - next to Maureen at the registration table had a Llama for her to race. Fire - short for Fire Dancer. Here is the team

So there was the Pack Llama race, the non-Pack Llama race and then there was a Team race. Here are some members of one of the teams - the Dolly Llamas

Fairplay was packed for the start

Video of the Pack Llama start. Carl is the guy at the end of the video

Video of the non-Pack Llama start

Short video of Maureen & Fire

The course was 3 miles with 5 water crossing - some deep

Maureen & Fire bringing it in

Maureen, Fire & Carl

Drive to Alma

We headed up to Alma early Friday afternoon for Burro Days

Hudson's pal Polar Bear came along to help keep him calm on the drive

Quick stop for groceries in Conifer at the best King Scoopers

Scenice drive...

...turned ugly with two hailstorms

Park County

Stopped in the historic town of Como

It may not look like much but an excellent antique / curiosity shop. We spent $70

Matching outhouse

Burro Days!


Alma (6 miles up the road)

Went for short run from Highway 9 up County Road 6 to our rental on County Road 4

22 Jul 2012

Red Deer Lake

At the trailhead. Jeeps get their own trail

Red Deer Lake