26 Feb 2012

Snowy Seattle

Saturday morning leaving Trilogy in Redmond for La Conner. I think Trilogy is at 600' and it seems to matter as few other areas in the county got any snow of note

The Conway to La Conner stretch is pretty cool

Barely caught these snow geese taking off. They love this area, here every year

Just a bit more snow today while on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail (also at 600')

The Tokul Creek Trestle, an old railway bridge. This entire area (Snoqualmie to Duvall) is pretty flooded (not flooding - just flooded fields and full rivers). That's my finger in the second pic

Saw these guys on the trail. I think they wanted to race

20 Feb 2012

Drive to Seattle

Saturday we began the drive from Boulder to Seattle. Good weather

Fort Collins

Jackass Road - Hahaha!

Refinery town in Wyoming - Sinclair

Getting closer to Utah when the landscape becomes more interesting

Evanston, WY. 6 miles from the border. The official training site for the Jamaica Bobsled Team


Approaching Salt Lake, who were celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Olympics - when Canada won gold in hockey

Idaho. The Hungry Redneck Cafe?


Back in Washington

Mountain passes are generally not fun driving but having crossed several I'll put Snoqualmie Pass as one of the worst. One lane for the trucks, often heavy traffic, no lights and lane markers seem to have been taken off by plows

The one negative of the drive. Boo!

How's the weather here in Seattle? It's raining

11 Feb 2012

Green Mountain #28 / #6

This guy came Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to hang for 5-6 hours. He would show up about 2pm and leave between 7-8pm. After Hudson and I were startled by and startled him Thursday morning at 6am, he hasn't been back

I am far from creative today - I couldn't come up with anything for a title. So, today was Hudson's 6th summit of Green Mountain (and my 28th). And one of the most fun summits too - it was unexpected (thought we'd run for maybe 30-40 minutes) and there was new snow - and finally the snow was packed perfectly for a fast run

Hudson reading the "no dogs" sign

75 minutes to summit, 5 minutes on the summit and 40 minutes down. Even Hudson seemed to enjoy sliding down (I'm not sure about that - he actually looked puzzled)

My hair not under my hat had frozen. I don't know what the temperature was when we started before 7am - but it was 6F 2 hours later

5 Feb 2012

Boulder Sweet Leaf Mid-Season Review

Skip if you don't like hockey or girls or partying

Position: 1st Place

Really? How did that happen?

Good question. Let's analyze

Other GMs

Good people - but these pictures are pretty self-explanatory. This is my competition

GM Gary Chekan explains to GM Kevin Tracey why David Desharnais is a smart waiver wire pick-up

GM Doug Hinds in still a deep depression that he didn't play Cam Ward when he had a 47-save shutout at Boston a few weeks ago

GM Chris Shannon has forgotten he has a fantasy hockey team


Below ranking uses a secret Sweet Leafs formula. Stats based upon games actually played for the Sweet Leafs

You'll notice several Vancouver Canucks have suited up for the Sweet Leafs - that's simple common sense. Vancouver will be the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions and they have some of the best fans in the NHL

The Forward core is always in a state of flux (we just dropped Nugent-Hopkins for red hot Sam Gagner)

Daniel Sedin has not disappointed. Hope he keeps up the good work if Henrik's injury is serious

The above is for sale, BTW:


Patrick Sharp has returned from an injury. He better produce. Or else we'll trade him - I don't care how much our female fans would be devastated

Joffrey Lupul has been a gem found on waivers. We probably should think about a curfew for him

As an extra bonus - Buffalo does not like Joffrey:


Matt Moulson has played strong hockey - good work, pretty boy

Grabovski has been another waiver wire gem. WTF is he doing?


Not spectacular - but solid production

Actually, I take that back - the great Kevin Bieksa has been spectacular

Tobias on the other hand is a solid producer. Plus he has a cool leather jacket


Voukon has been inconsistent but above average

The Leafs tandem has been very good and somehow I seem to have generally played them when they've been very good

Kipper - what can I say? I almost quit the league the minute I drafted him. I apologize, Kipper. You are having your best fantasy season since 2005-06

Let's take another look at the at the Kipper pic

Hard Work

But modesty aside - I as GM and Coach deserve a lot of credit. I work hard and sacrifice my job. Here I am in the Sweet Leafs office