29 Oct 2011

Phantom 4-Miler

Saturday we got up early'ish and drove to Loveland for a 4-mile race

Hahaha! Half the people and 80% of dogs were in costume

Maureen - not in costume and sad about it - finishing

After was a fantastic breakfast in a Halloween decked-out room

Hudson did not join us as he sometimes is spooked by big events - but we did bring him a Halloween bandana

The best race shirt of the year

27 Oct 2011

Better Snow Pics

Early morning alpenglow on the Flatirons and Longs Peak

Went for a run on the Bobolink trail

Bear Peak

Green Mountain

26 Oct 2011

First Snow

Sunday we went to Evergreen and Golden, fun towns nearby

Overnight we had the first snow here in Boulder. Our camera seems a little snowblind...

22 Oct 2011

Buchanan Pass (3) / Red Deer Lake

We went to Buchanan Pass in the Indian Peaks again. It's pretty convenient and mellow

Today made the 13.8-mile round trip trek 1,772' up to Red Deer Lake at 10,372'

More snow and the trails are getting icy but still no problem

Going straight would have ended at St Vrain Glaciers. I went left

Approaching Red Deer Lake

It was looking a little stormy with flurries so "hustled" back

The run was a little over 3 hours and followed by outstanding (boca) burgers and shakes in Lyons...

16 Oct 2011

Buchanan Pass (2)

Sunset last night

Went back to Indian Peaks and the Buchanan Pass Trail. Already did a blog on this trail - I took the camera in hope of seeing moose. Only animals (other than dogs) seen was a bloody spine & pelvis wedged in the rocks - I missed it but Maureen and others saw it

The trail head is shared with an OHV road. Boulders are specifically placed per a ranger - "if you can't make it over you have no business on the road"

Went out 5.6 miles and up 1,000'. The goal is the full 8.1 miles out and 3,199' up to the Continental Divide. Not sure that will happen this year - another winter weather advisory up there tonight may mean too much snow

On the way back I hurt my foot. Booo!

14 Oct 2011

Sourdough Trail / Blue Lake

Some pics of where Hudson and I run early each morning - a 2.1-mile off-leash loop

Late Friday afternoon we went up to the Indian Peaks at 10,000' and did an easy mellow run - 4.7 miles on the Sourdough Trail (which is 12.5 miles long)

Saturday we went back to Indian Peaks and ran to Blue Lake, a 5.5 mile round-trip with 900' of gain

Great sign - "Fight back! Don't quit!"

Mitchell Lake

Mount Audubon - we summited from the other side. This side is much more difficult

The final approach to Blue Lake

The pyramid looking peak is Mount Toll

Heading back. We need to buy snow shoes for winter