14 Apr 2013

Weird Weather in Boulder

Thursday morning at Dry Creek. All snow on the plains already gone

But not on Green Mountain

Friday at Teller Farms watching a very young colt before a sunny run

Saturday took Hudson up to Sugarloaf and the Switzerland Trail in time for the sunrise

The Switzerland Trail again on Sunday morning. The snow was mostly above 8,000'

Two hours later on Mount Sanitas in sunny and dry Boulder

10 Apr 2013

Spring Snow

Monday we left Santa Fe and swung through Taos on the way to Boulder. Went with Hud for a short run along the Rio Grande near the Gorge Bridge

Tuesday morning at Dry Creek. Maybe 4" overnight

Wednesday morning - probably 8"+ total. It was 5F so Hud stayed home

7 Apr 2013

Leaving Santa Fe

Sunset from the patio

We leave for Boulder tomorrow which is fine - but we've had two months of sun and mostly snow-free trails which allowed me to run 360 miles with 51,000' of gain. Santa Fe is also back as a potential landing option

Hud will miss Galisteo. He met lots of buddies - especially female buddies

Ran Atalaya one last time on Saturday with Maureen on yet another sunny warm day

Maureen next to the "summit rocks" - she refused to get up on them after climbing over 1,700'

Sunday mornings are very quiet downtown so chose this for the final run