29 Apr 2011

Maybe an Offer

Maybe. Depends on price and the 112 acres of agricultural land surrounding it (if permanently not to be developed, not an issue)

So we headed into Boulder

Approaching the neighbourhood. One benefit is it feels that you're in the mountains without being in the mountains (which as you know means disastrous wildfires). Actually, we would be at the foothills (maybe 600 yards)

Bonus - an Inn for good food and cocktails - walking distance. Plus a bit of history. Not a great photo


It's also close to Lefthand Canyon - gateway to old mining towns

The neighbourhood. 15 homes on anywhere from 1.4 - 2.3 acres. The way the homes are built it feels very private

The house

Looking North from the driveway. The house is about 7 minutes north of Boulder and 12 minutes south of the town of Lyons

A few of the rooms

View looking south - the Flatirons

The cows seem to rotate around the 112 acres that surround the neighbourhood. We've been here 3 times and each time they are somewhere new. Bonus

The two cats were here again - obviously. The black one is like a smaller Henry

Backyard shots

We cruised around Boulder afterwards and saw these guys and gals

More to come. I guess buying a house would end the "Secret Voyage" - no worry, will change the blog's focus to my training for some crazy life-threatenng race...

22 Apr 2011

F*ck - More House Hunting

The search continues as we have (for now) given up on the mountains. Today we looked at 4 houses

The first was in Boulder, 10-12 minutes to downtown on an acre but $899K. It's probably off the list

It does have a tennis court with views of the Flatirons

Hockey stick autographed by the Colorado Avalanche

The second house is also in Boulder - barely. Maybe 20 minutes from downtown. I thought this was the most likely of the four but it is also off the list

Pool table would come with the house...

The third house remains on the list. 6,000 sq ft (geez) on 1.3 acres with good views and cows on one side. $799K - started out at $1.299M 3 years ago. 21 minutes to Whole Foods on Pearl Street


Photo they had - for Pops

Closest neighbour

The Flatirons

The cow neighbours

The final house is our favorite but also the most expensive at $979K. We may make an offer way under that - nothing to lose. It is 5,000 sq ft on 2.3 acres - with pastures out the front and County Open Space out the back


This would be fenced for The Hud

Finches - this one sitting on three eggs. They don't come with the house

They had several signs saying "keep door with finches closed - keep cats out"

We'll see...getting frustrating...

16 Apr 2011

More House Hunting

So...sadly we realized we would be unable to get over the fire danger in the mountains west of Boulder. We walked from the perfect home up there

We cruised out to Boulder today in the Subaru and found two good possibilities - one in Boulder itself (east) and one in Longmont just north of Boulder

Here's the first - on 3 acres. The house is near Niwot and maybe 10-12 minutes to downtown Boulder. It is completely surrounded by Open Space (owned by Boulder / Boulder County and not for development)

Running trail across the street (you can just see the woman)

The second is just off Highway 36 close to the mountains, maybe 6-7 minutes to North Boulder. It is on 2.6 acres and also surrounded by Open Space - except across the street (like 40 yards) is agricultural land with cattle and a donkey

Mountains - we think the area burned recently in the Left Hand fire (but not sure)

Boulder Reservoir (where many races are held)

The Flatirons in the distance

We'll see these Friday...