1 Apr 2011

House Update and Visit to Fourmile Canyon

Last weekend's half-marathon was a success - 1:49:40, a personal best

We've driven by maybe 30 houses and been inside 15. Here is a pic from a home we visited in Longmont

Long's Peak


Today we visited Pine Brook for likely the last time. I liked the house and the views were excellent (this was just through the trees as we were driving by homes, not going in). It was just above Wonderland...but Maureen wasn't thrilled with the one lane road with sharp drop-offs

Deer on the way out

Wonderland trails below the Pine Brook house. We were on our way to Boulder Heights

Horses are always here along Lee Hill Road

We drove by our old friend Jerry's house in Boulder Heights. You can't really see but his dog is on the porch

The Flatirons

This house was hard to see from below but looked nice. Expensively listed at $869K but it is just off Sunshine Canyon

We looked at another home up Sunshine Canyon but we couldn't see from the road. It was definitely surrounded by acres of burned land (and the neighbour's home burned)

On the way down Sunshine we saw this house - we would see this from our home on CR-83

The fire started just off Fourmile Canyon but for a few reason it doesn't look as bad as Sunshine Canyon. I'm sure it does on roads just off Fourmile. Fourmile has a lot of mining history - including "towns" such as Crisman and Wallstreet

The "James F. Bailey Assay Office Museum" - Assayer's it seems assessed the quality of what prospector's found. I'm not sure there is any historical significance to the German Shepherd

The Wallstreet Gold Extraction Company's Mill. The reason we went up Fourmile

Next we went to the "town" of Salina - another cool looking small community that was once a major mining area. Here was The Little Church in the Pines that survived. These communities around Fourmile were even more bizarre as far as a small cluster of homes and only one would be gone

Lastly we went for a run up on the Switzerland Trail near the Sugarloaf house. We actually made an offer last weekend. It was listed for $740K and we offered $675K. They countered at $720K and we declined. The next day they came back again at $700K. Before we could respond they simply accepted $675K with a few minor changes. Not sure what we'll do...we didn't expect acceptance

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