9 Apr 2011

Hell Week

Hell is relative. No deaths. It was just a very stressful week as Wednesday was a deadline to do the deal for the Sugarloaf house. I was divided

On one hand it is at 8,000 feet with perfect views of snow-capped 14,000 foot mountains. The house is perfect - over 4,500 feet with a barn on 9 acres. It is only 19 minutes to downtown Boulder - pretty good

On the other hand 2011 has conditions where folks are saying it could be "historic" for wild-fires as the area is in a "severe" drought. That and being in the National Forest means we are closer to legal hunting than I would prefer

Tuesday we went to drive by a few other homes and spend some time at Sugarloaf just hanging out

The first home is likely $100,000 too expensive but is just 10 minutes from downtown Boulder. It has it's own tennis court which is cool

The next two homes were in Longmont, which is in Boulder County - a large town surrounded by vast agricultural areas

The green house is the final house we looked at:

Saw a donkey so pulled over to take his pic - he ran away

It turned out to not be such a good day to "hang out" in Sugarloaf. 31 and frozen fog

So the hell part

First was the self-imposed stress of "buy / not buy" (we have let it go - for now)

Wednesday I quit AT&T (more or less) - glad my boss ignore me when I periodically do this

Thursday we found out that our Ford Explorer needs a new transmission - $4,000! It is a 2001 with 125,000 miles; we had expected another 30,000-40,000 miles. We thought about buying a new car - since my beloved Subaru with it's less-than-powerful engine isn't terribly practical for mountain living

We finally decided the best thing to do was for Maureen to fly back to Redmond (today) and drive the Subaru 1,400 miles back to Denver

Hudson and I will be hitting the Canadian whiskey about 4:30pm - we bought the NHL cable package so I could watch the playoffs and it's been many months since I've watched Hockey Night in Canada...

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  1. Good luck - I'd probably opt to be out of wildfire country, too.