28 Mar 2010

Durango to Silverton

Today was an awesome sunny day in the 50s. We decided to cruise around. This is the view on the way from our place into Durango

Near downtown along the running trail

On the other side of Durango...

And these are the views on the way to Silverton, maybe 50 miles away with many miles along a rather treacherous road, at times maybe 6 feet away from tumbling to a fiery death

Not much to add to the above photos. This is why Colorado is on our short list of where to live

27 Mar 2010

Mid-March Update (3 of 3) - ID / UT & Durango Pics

So we crossed into Idaho...

...and then into Utah...

From Bend to Hooper it was maybe 11 or 12 hours. The Grumpus was tired...

After a night at the Father-in-Law's north of Salt Lake, we were back on the road to Durango...

This was the spot where we got the offer on our house last September, also on our way to Durango

Here are a couple of shots for Pa Harvey...

There was no cell coverage on the majority of the drive, which allowed me to work on my 2010 work budget with relaxing scenery across Utah and through Moab, an awesome drive

Hard to see, but Garmin identifies the Highway approaching Colorado as 666

And back into Colorado for the 3rd time

Here are the 7 deer roaming the acreage we are on

Here are some views from the house:

We wandered up a hill to check out the views and found a cemetery where deer and elk hang out

View of historic downtown Durango

Finally! Caught up. We are here until Thursday when we head to Santa Fe

24 Mar 2010

Mid-March Update (2 of 3) - Oregon Pics

After Vancouver Island we spent a week in Seattle and I was able to catch up with some great people - Bob, Josh, Scott, Mark, Lonnie, Erik, Bill, Greg, Gary, Gary and Kevin. Too bad we couldn't bring them all along.

Next was Bend. We loaded up The Grumpus and drove 7.5 hours:

Here is Mount Rainier:

Entering Oregon:

Mount Hood from the West:

Passing through Boring:

Mount Hood from the South:

I think The Sisters:

As mentioned last update, we had camera battery issues - so only got one shot in Bend. Too bad, we went cross-country skiing twice at Mount Bachelor. Bend rocks, definitely a good place. We were actually in La Pine 30 minutes away. This shot was from downtown Bend on a 63 degree day:

We had our camera back in order for the drive from Bend to Hooper, UT for a night. We loaded up The Grumpus (these really are all real, not the same one):

Unique scenery across Eastern Oregon, very few cars. These 7 photos are from the drive:

Tomorrow will be the drive through Idaho and Utah (including Moab for the third time - looks cool for a week visit) and Colorado. We have 7 large deer wandering our place...much to Hudson's dismay (or enjoyment, not sure)