23 Mar 2010

Mid-March Update (1 of 3) - Vancouver Island Pics

It has been way too long since the last update. Probably because we didn't take as many pics the final few weeks, as we had spent 2 months on Vancouver Island in Sooke

The Olympics were amazing, we had the best time watching all day (me working in front of the tv - work has been stressful this year). We also enjoyed a few more auctions in Victoria and lots of runs with Hudson

So here are the final pics from God's Country

Bald Eagle in the backyard:

Mount Baker on the road to Victoria:

Hatley Castle:

Esquimalt Lagoon:

Early blossom in Victoria (it was February...El Nino):

Aftershocks of earthquake in Sooke Harbor. The water did rise several feet just 15 minutes before the time they had predicted earlier in the morning (3pm):

Final sunrise from the kitchen:

Tomorrow I'll add pics of the drive from Seattle, where we spent a week, to Bend (and some pics of Bend before the battery died - we forgot the charger at Maureen's father's house; we saw him in Utah a week later). The other update tomorrow will be the beautiful drive from Bend to Utah and Utah to Durango, where we'll be the next 10 nights

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