28 Feb 2013

New Mexico Winter

We've been getting some snow - nothing major...

...but enough to slide down the steep backside of Atalaya with traction

Training is going well. Have averaged 37 miles with 4,700' the first two weeks

Hudson running up a ridge on our morning run

The Rail Trail

Galisteo Basin Preserve. Had hoped for a 10 mile run but between getting sort of lost and wandering onto private land ended up with 7.5

Here's where I fell on my ass

Got 10 in on the Dale Ball Trails at a slovenly 12-minute mile pace

Santa Fe remains an awesome almost mystical place to wander around

Since I will not be winning a trophy at the Jemez Half I will need to buy myself one like last year. Partial to donkeys, one of these guys may be coming home with me

Coyote. We hear them every night about 90 minutes after sunset. Seemed kind of early to see one out and about

"Hey Chris, how's work?"
See below

"Well, how are your co-workers?"
See below

I can only imagine the horror if I had to go back into an office...

20 Feb 2013

Galisteo Basin Preserve

Saturday morning we tried to do a 7 mile round trip to an old ghost town near Glorieta. Unfortunately the only easy access was through private land and was closed. We drove around looking for another access point but no luck

Came across monuments from the Civil War Battle of Glorieta Pass - won by the Union. The Confederacy wanted access to the gold mines of Colorado and California. Note what someone could say were "orbs" in front of the Union monument

Most ironic quote from the battle:

"Come on and help me take that position or stay back and watch men who will"
Confederate Major John Shropshire, just before he was shot between the eyes

We eventually found by accident the Galisteo Basin Preserve - 50 miles of trails just up the road from our house

Since it's so close we've been going there frequently - short speed work, long runs and to allow Hudson to "pick up chicks"

The area reminds us of running at the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos

Friday I ran Atalaya Mountain - close to 8 miles with over 1,700'. Did it in 1h 54m and was impressed with myself - until I came home and saw I had done it in 1h 34m last May. Still, I knew it was a good effort since I rolled my ankle

Sunday went back with Maureen and improved the time to 1h 48m after a night of drinking. Obviously an even stronger run as I tripped and tumbled on the way down. Views from the summit

In Fantasy Hockey news I acquired Dustin Byfuglien (below) for Teddy Purcell

14 Feb 2013

Training in Santa Fe

Hiking from the Sunshine Saddle above Boulder. I had always wanted to do these trails and my friend Barb was willing, which was nice. Too many loose dogs up there and I can outrun her

Mining was in the area back in the day but I don't think Sunshine was particularly profitable. Good enough to get by but no gold or silver

Looking down on Lefthand Canyon as the sun was setting

Headed down to Santa Fe Saturday. Pikes Peak

Strong winds and frequent dust storms in Northern New Mexico

Bitter dog wants out of the car

So, we have 100 days until the Jemez Half and we need to train. I came in 33rd last year and had hoped I could win my age group this year and take this home

Unfortunately I have been rather sloth-like off-and-on since October, especially in Seattle. I blame the wife - she kept buying bags of little Butterfingers and Snickers around Halloween

Santa Fe isn't "Boulder-great" but it's a great place for trail running, is at 7,000' and is sunny. We're back to daily runs and adding distance and elevation. Slowly. Now I just need AT&T to stop requiring me to work sweat-shop hours

The mile run from our house to the Rail Trail

The awesome Dale Ball trails

The Rail Trail, an 18-mile trail along train tracks from Santa Fe to Lamy

We also were able to enjoy a second Christmas. The USPS forwarded our presents from my parents to the Father-in-Law in Utah. Here's Hudson enjoying his loot

If anyone cares, one of my Fantasy Hockey team superstars, Erik Karlsson, is out for the season with a cut Achilles tendon

7 Feb 2013

Back in the Rockies

Final pics in Seattle

We signed up for the Jemez Half Marathon again. Nice to have a goal to stay motivated - plus we returned to the sun which will help. Boulder for me and Hud this week and Santa Fe starting Saturday for 2 months with Maureen

Last Friday in Seattle bought this little guy at an antique show in Puyallup. $150: $10 for the donkey, $40 early admission for 2 and $100 lost out of my pocket. What a jackass (snicker snicker)

Left Seattle Tuesday morning for the 14 hour drive to Salt Lake

Hud was not pleased and refused to look at the camera

Leaving Utah for the easy 8 hours to Boulder

Stopped just across the Wyoming border to see the bison

I-80 is the best road for driving. 75MPH and almost no one but trucks and fun signs

Wednesday at Dry Creek - Hud hanging with his buddies

Went for a run up Sanitas in the afternoon. Man, I hope I just need to get acclimated to the elevation again...

My buddy in Atlanta sent this and suggested I use this at AT&T since I'm never in the office. I'm not sure...also worried this is a real thing...