14 Feb 2013

Training in Santa Fe

Hiking from the Sunshine Saddle above Boulder. I had always wanted to do these trails and my friend Barb was willing, which was nice. Too many loose dogs up there and I can outrun her

Mining was in the area back in the day but I don't think Sunshine was particularly profitable. Good enough to get by but no gold or silver

Looking down on Lefthand Canyon as the sun was setting

Headed down to Santa Fe Saturday. Pikes Peak

Strong winds and frequent dust storms in Northern New Mexico

Bitter dog wants out of the car

So, we have 100 days until the Jemez Half and we need to train. I came in 33rd last year and had hoped I could win my age group this year and take this home

Unfortunately I have been rather sloth-like off-and-on since October, especially in Seattle. I blame the wife - she kept buying bags of little Butterfingers and Snickers around Halloween

Santa Fe isn't "Boulder-great" but it's a great place for trail running, is at 7,000' and is sunny. We're back to daily runs and adding distance and elevation. Slowly. Now I just need AT&T to stop requiring me to work sweat-shop hours

The mile run from our house to the Rail Trail

The awesome Dale Ball trails

The Rail Trail, an 18-mile trail along train tracks from Santa Fe to Lamy

We also were able to enjoy a second Christmas. The USPS forwarded our presents from my parents to the Father-in-Law in Utah. Here's Hudson enjoying his loot

If anyone cares, one of my Fantasy Hockey team superstars, Erik Karlsson, is out for the season with a cut Achilles tendon