28 Feb 2013

New Mexico Winter

We've been getting some snow - nothing major...

...but enough to slide down the steep backside of Atalaya with traction

Training is going well. Have averaged 37 miles with 4,700' the first two weeks

Hudson running up a ridge on our morning run

The Rail Trail

Galisteo Basin Preserve. Had hoped for a 10 mile run but between getting sort of lost and wandering onto private land ended up with 7.5

Here's where I fell on my ass

Got 10 in on the Dale Ball Trails at a slovenly 12-minute mile pace

Santa Fe remains an awesome almost mystical place to wander around

Since I will not be winning a trophy at the Jemez Half I will need to buy myself one like last year. Partial to donkeys, one of these guys may be coming home with me

Coyote. We hear them every night about 90 minutes after sunset. Seemed kind of early to see one out and about

"Hey Chris, how's work?"
See below

"Well, how are your co-workers?"
See below

I can only imagine the horror if I had to go back into an office...