30 Aug 2010

Boulder to Mountain Home

We left Boulder in late June for Seattle and drinking with friends

The other noteworthy event was we did another run, up at 9,000 feet in Rollinsville. Maureen set a personal best doing a 5-miler. I - fresh off doing a half-marathon the weekend before - did a 10-miler

I checked the weather that morning. Something like "low-50s" so I decided I'd wear long dark clothing with a black hat. Bad mistake. By the time the race started the sun was intense. By the end I was hoping there were paramedics. Here is a pic of "the agony of victory"

Here are some pics of the 750-mile drive to Mountain Home, ID

We loaded up The Grumpus:

We stopped near Longmont or maybe Fort Collins for the usual outstanding breakfast served by the good folks at The Waffle House:

Random shots the next 80-90 miles until the WY border:

The windy state of Wyoming:

A prairie dog colony at the rest stop:

More shots across Wyoming

We missed the "Welcome to Idaho" sign, but these sunsets were definitely Idaho:

Next will be the drive from Idaho across Oregon to Seattle

Boulder Creek Trail

As of today we are deciding between Boulder and Seattle as where to live for the next few years. Running trails are very important and both cities have great ones.

The Boulder Creek Trail would be about equivalent to Seattle's Green Lake as far as being a busy social place. Here are a few pics...

29 Aug 2010

Wild Animal Sanctuary

An hour east of Boulder is an animal sanctuary: http://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/

The tigers were the stars - (sadly) there were many and viewing access was best:



A camel...



And bears...black bears were far away but seemed rather clownish (with toys and swings)...grizzlies seem much more menacing