25 Nov 2011

Hudson's First Peak

Friday Hudson made it to the summit of Green Mountain on the Green Mountain West trail

Here he is with 0.2 miles and 450' to go

On the summit at 8,144'

Heading back to the car to celebrate with buffalo treats

23 Nov 2011


Today was day 1 of Thanksgiving vacation. Hudson and I left early to go up the Mesa trail into the flatirons. 5 miles and he was ready for a nap

After breakfast - given it was sunny and 60 - I decided to do Bear Peak. From NCAR to Mesa to Fern Canyon

It was dry - until the final 400 yards up at maybe a 30 degree angle on snow and ice (wearing spikes). I followed this real nice guy with his two kids

Looking West to Eldora Skiing, Indian Peaks and Longs Peak

Looking East to Boulder

On the run back I took the long but much less steep way back down Bear Peak West and Bear Canyon. The first pic is looking back at Bear Peak (left), the saddle and South Boulder Peak

19 Nov 2011

New Trails and Possible House

Sunday the 13th we went to Georgetown - cold with flurries. Below is Idaho Springs

Monday went up to Sugarloaf late in the afternoon. It's 1 mile and 477' to its cold and windy summit

Wednesday the family went to Betasso Preserve. This is Hudson looking puzzled after being dragged up to Bummer's Rock (a little scrambling required)

Sugarloaf in the distance

The Betasso family ran this area as a ranch until 1975

Friday afternoon at Wonderland. Prairie dogs and deer

Saturday & Sunday we looked at a house that was up for auction. Auction is an exaggeration - more like a marketing gimmick since the auction winner is not guaranteed the house

The agent told us that the bank (it's in foreclosure) will not sell for less than $300K - and she had it listed at $327K. Add the 5% "auction fee" and why bother paying $315K when you could have paid $327K max with an inspection and the ability to walk if the inspection was no good?

Blah blah blah we're skipping and seeing if it comes back on the market like it was (the auction ended with high bid at $245K). Here are deer roaming the property Sunday

13 Nov 2011

Hudson in the Flatirons

This morning took Hud up a little into the mountains. We went up the Mesa Trail from Eldorado Springs Drive towards Bear Peak

It was a great morning after a windy Saturday - with winds hitting 84 MPH

The first two were "artistic" photos of the flatirons. Same shot, different camera settings

Same shot, with the dog. Hud was waiting patiently - but is about to take off with or without me

Hudson bringing it in and ready for the couch. 5-miles and about 425'! Next week maybe we'll try Green Mountain - assuming the Bears are hibernating

11 Nov 2011

Hall Ranch

Friday afternoon went up to Lyons and Hall Ranch. We did an out-and-back that was a little tougher than expected - all in 9.4-miles and maybe 1,300' of gain

Longs Peak

9 Nov 2011

Golden Gallop / Royal Arch

Sunday we went to Golden, which is 20 minutes south of Boulder. I ran a 10K that was hillier than expected - 566' of rolling hills

Afterwards we went to Buffalo Bill's grave and museum for breakfast

View of Golden looking East - the large buildings is Coors Brewery

View of Golden looking South - with the Denver skyline in the distance

Deer family

This week in Boulder we found a great run - from Chautauqua to Royal Arch. It is - when you add a loop that goes by the Flatiron rock climbing access - a 4.5 mile round-trip with 1,417' of gain. It took longer than expected because several sections are less like trails and more like minor scrambling. Plus it was icy in the shade

Hahaha! I'll totally buy a sled and go sledding

Iconic Boulder

Crossing a boulder field

Getting up close to Flatiron number 2

After a tough steep begining it levels off for awhile before another tough steep climb

You do not see the arch until you are maybe 150 meters away

The icy climb up to the arch

About to cross from the dark through the arch

Sun! And Boulder

Looking back north through the arch

The iciest section of the run. Slipped both days

The end