9 Nov 2011

Golden Gallop / Royal Arch

Sunday we went to Golden, which is 20 minutes south of Boulder. I ran a 10K that was hillier than expected - 566' of rolling hills

Afterwards we went to Buffalo Bill's grave and museum for breakfast

View of Golden looking East - the large buildings is Coors Brewery

View of Golden looking South - with the Denver skyline in the distance

Deer family

This week in Boulder we found a great run - from Chautauqua to Royal Arch. It is - when you add a loop that goes by the Flatiron rock climbing access - a 4.5 mile round-trip with 1,417' of gain. It took longer than expected because several sections are less like trails and more like minor scrambling. Plus it was icy in the shade

Hahaha! I'll totally buy a sled and go sledding

Iconic Boulder

Crossing a boulder field

Getting up close to Flatiron number 2

After a tough steep begining it levels off for awhile before another tough steep climb

You do not see the arch until you are maybe 150 meters away

The icy climb up to the arch

About to cross from the dark through the arch

Sun! And Boulder

Looking back north through the arch

The iciest section of the run. Slipped both days

The end