4 Nov 2011

Eldorado Canyon / Teller Farm

For Maureen's birthday we went to Eldorado Canyon State Park and did a 7.1-mile hike/run

After we went to an antique store in Wheat Ridge and saw these guys in Arvada

This week was long and a little stressful getting ready for the annual review / planning presentation - on a day we got another 8"-9" of snow

The snow is pretty but it limits running trails. Tuesday I had major issues on Green Mountain with some steep and icy trails. Today was sunny and in the high 50s so I went for a 13-mile run through Teller Farms / White Rocks. It ended up being a 9-miler since it became too muddy and slippery. Hahaha! On the way back I even had a cow challenge me to a fight (exaggerating somewhat)