19 Nov 2011

New Trails and Possible House

Sunday the 13th we went to Georgetown - cold with flurries. Below is Idaho Springs

Monday went up to Sugarloaf late in the afternoon. It's 1 mile and 477' to its cold and windy summit

Wednesday the family went to Betasso Preserve. This is Hudson looking puzzled after being dragged up to Bummer's Rock (a little scrambling required)

Sugarloaf in the distance

The Betasso family ran this area as a ranch until 1975

Friday afternoon at Wonderland. Prairie dogs and deer

Saturday & Sunday we looked at a house that was up for auction. Auction is an exaggeration - more like a marketing gimmick since the auction winner is not guaranteed the house

The agent told us that the bank (it's in foreclosure) will not sell for less than $300K - and she had it listed at $327K. Add the 5% "auction fee" and why bother paying $315K when you could have paid $327K max with an inspection and the ability to walk if the inspection was no good?

Blah blah blah we're skipping and seeing if it comes back on the market like it was (the auction ended with high bid at $245K). Here are deer roaming the property Sunday