25 Mar 2013

Hermit's Peak

Went to Hermit's Peak Sunday, a 9-10 mile RT with 3,100' when you include a visit to the Hermit's Cave

The Hermit was an educated nobleman named Juan de Agostini who lived in a cave near the summit in the mid-1860s, possibly in a self-imposed penance for some indiscretions back in Italy. He traded carved crosses for food and the locals - who were big fans - would hike to the top to receive blessings and healings. Visits by religious folks still continue

The Hermit

It is less than an hour drive to Las Vegas and then 15 curvy miles before the tiny mountain towns of Gallinas and El Porvenir

Hermit's Peak

The trail was very rocky - should have worn harder soles

The massive summit at 10,212' with some steep drop-offs that I kept my distance from

Looked for the cave awhile and finally found a trail to it - less a cave than a shelter

Earlier in the week we had gone up to the Jemez mountains for a long run

Hud had a good week hanging out with 3 chicks

16 Mar 2013

Canyon Road

A few very good weeks of running here in Santa Fe, mostly in the sun although we had some stormy weather...

...but only a light dusting of snow

Up in the Sandias there was a little more and we "broke trail"

Maureen was not pleased with the cold and occasional strong winds. We had planned to run 90 minutes then turn around so we would be back at the car at the same time. I left her messages in the snow such as mile markers. On the way back I came across this - someone had turned back a little early

Today ran on the streets from the markets to East Alameda and Canyon Road

Running the streets of Santa Fe is a great way to see things you'd miss in a car, especially with all the alleys

Like this bridge where Klaus Fuchs gave nuclear secrets from his work in Los Alamos to the Russians

Wandered around the Canyon Road arts district - with over 100 artists and 97 of them out of our price range

Rock, Paper, Scissors

In Fantasy Hockey, The Santa Fe Sweet Leafs acquired the legendary Steve Ott. Welcome to the 2013 Champs, Steve

4 Mar 2013

Sandia Crest and Jemez Trails

A great weekend playing in the various mountain ranges. There are three within an hour drive - the Sangre de Cristo, the Jemez and the Sandia - and we hit them all

Friday we ran Atalaya. Ended up 6 minutes shy of my best time last May so was pleased - especially since I had to put traction on for the last mile and was confused by the "L". After putting the "L" on my left foot I was baffled how I still had an "L" in my hand. So I switched. Finally realized "L" stood for Large, not Left

Afterwards we went to the town of Lamy just 5 miles past our house. Population: 137. It has a railway museum and for some reason an Amtrak station. Lamy also has a small claim on New Mexican folklore

There are multiple accounts, particularly in the Santa Fe New Mexican at the time (March 26, 1880) of a sighting of a "fish-shaped balloon" which contained "about ten human occupants" from which was heard singing, music, and shouting "in an unknown language". A rose tied to a letter written with "unknown characters" and a cup of "unusual workmanship" were reportedly dropped from the vehicle. According to accounts, the following day a person unknown to residents purchased both items for "a large sum of money", declaring them "of Asiatic origin"

Even has it's own entry in the URECAT (UFO catalogue)

Lamy today:

Saturday morning with Hudson

Later we headed up to Placitas, just northeast of Albuquerque, to the Tunnel Spring Trailhead in the Sandia mountains. The Sandia Crest trail is 26 miles long and is the best trail I've been on this year

Came across this cool Buffalo bench after. It's for sale. Tempting...

Sunday we headed up to Los Alamos to run part of the half-marathon course. It was great. Maureen was running pretty fast so we met up after 5 miles just before the steep climb

After my run I went into town to get drinks. Then Maureen called - she had missed a turn and was a few miles off-course. Fortunately she flagged someone down who was nice enough to drive her back. She pulled up in a big ol' OHV

Fun week and my best running since late November - 48 miles with 6,400'

And to clarify my last post re: work, here is a pic of my bosses JR and Bill Hague