25 Mar 2013

Hermit's Peak

Went to Hermit's Peak Sunday, a 9-10 mile RT with 3,100' when you include a visit to the Hermit's Cave

The Hermit was an educated nobleman named Juan de Agostini who lived in a cave near the summit in the mid-1860s, possibly in a self-imposed penance for some indiscretions back in Italy. He traded carved crosses for food and the locals - who were big fans - would hike to the top to receive blessings and healings. Visits by religious folks still continue

The Hermit

It is less than an hour drive to Las Vegas and then 15 curvy miles before the tiny mountain towns of Gallinas and El Porvenir

Hermit's Peak

The trail was very rocky - should have worn harder soles

The massive summit at 10,212' with some steep drop-offs that I kept my distance from

Looked for the cave awhile and finally found a trail to it - less a cave than a shelter

Earlier in the week we had gone up to the Jemez mountains for a long run

Hud had a good week hanging out with 3 chicks