7 Feb 2013

Back in the Rockies

Final pics in Seattle

We signed up for the Jemez Half Marathon again. Nice to have a goal to stay motivated - plus we returned to the sun which will help. Boulder for me and Hud this week and Santa Fe starting Saturday for 2 months with Maureen

Last Friday in Seattle bought this little guy at an antique show in Puyallup. $150: $10 for the donkey, $40 early admission for 2 and $100 lost out of my pocket. What a jackass (snicker snicker)

Left Seattle Tuesday morning for the 14 hour drive to Salt Lake

Hud was not pleased and refused to look at the camera

Leaving Utah for the easy 8 hours to Boulder

Stopped just across the Wyoming border to see the bison

I-80 is the best road for driving. 75MPH and almost no one but trucks and fun signs

Wednesday at Dry Creek - Hud hanging with his buddies

Went for a run up Sanitas in the afternoon. Man, I hope I just need to get acclimated to the elevation again...

My buddy in Atlanta sent this and suggested I use this at AT&T since I'm never in the office. I'm not sure...also worried this is a real thing...