24 Mar 2010

Mid-March Update (2 of 3) - Oregon Pics

After Vancouver Island we spent a week in Seattle and I was able to catch up with some great people - Bob, Josh, Scott, Mark, Lonnie, Erik, Bill, Greg, Gary, Gary and Kevin. Too bad we couldn't bring them all along.

Next was Bend. We loaded up The Grumpus and drove 7.5 hours:

Here is Mount Rainier:

Entering Oregon:

Mount Hood from the West:

Passing through Boring:

Mount Hood from the South:

I think The Sisters:

As mentioned last update, we had camera battery issues - so only got one shot in Bend. Too bad, we went cross-country skiing twice at Mount Bachelor. Bend rocks, definitely a good place. We were actually in La Pine 30 minutes away. This shot was from downtown Bend on a 63 degree day:

We had our camera back in order for the drive from Bend to Hooper, UT for a night. We loaded up The Grumpus (these really are all real, not the same one):

Unique scenery across Eastern Oregon, very few cars. These 7 photos are from the drive:

Tomorrow will be the drive through Idaho and Utah (including Moab for the third time - looks cool for a week visit) and Colorado. We have 7 large deer wandering our place...much to Hudson's dismay (or enjoyment, not sure)

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