17 Feb 2010

Vancouver Olympics

No new photos, so stole some from the internet and some from the past to help make this interesting...

Last update we were on Vancouver Island and we still are. In between we went to Redmond (Seattle) for 6 nights as my big boss Bill Hague was in town. This is a picture of how I see Boss Hague:

Just before we left I got a haircut here in Sooke to look presentable. The lady cut it short as she told me stories of how she learned to cut hair when she was in prison, practicing on the male inmates

Visit was very good, great seeing fellow AT&T'ers like Bill Conquergood and Greg Jones. Cameron Dunn was not around, away at some exotic locale on the company's dime (kidding, it was Florida)

Caught up with another old boss, Gary Stevens, over several pints. Gary is starting his 3rd company and I'm doing a little financial modeling for him. He'll be successful again, no doubt. Here he is from a few summers ago when we took a few beers out onto Lake Washington on a perfect Seattle summer evening

Saturday my buddies Gary and Kevin (and Bonnie) came over to the Father-in-Law's for some Hockey Night in Canada & beers. The games were terrible (Toronto beat Ottawa 5-0 and Colorado beat Edmonton) but good times

So back here for a second month. We're getting a good deal on a great house in a perfect waterfront location:


We're only 35 minutes to Victoria, where we go 2-3x each week, and have easy access to some of the greatest running trails. After being a slacker in Redmond I had a good week, running 27 miles. Hudson did 13 miles and was exhausted

The auctions we go to are a blast, lots of fun characters. We've bought a few more paintings (including two cool cross-country skiing paintings) and some crystal (the wife will display far away from me)

The main reason we're back, obviously, is to watch the Olympics on Canadian television. 3 stations showing live coverage of different events 18 hours a day. Highlights so far have been:

1) Hockey has started. Canada and Russia looked incredible - Russia is scary. Still, Canada won 8-0 against Norway; not a powerhouse but they did what they needed to do

2) Men's curling. Kevin Martin has delivered 2 strong wins

3) Women's curling. 2 wins, both on Cheryl Bernard's final shot in the final end

4) Maelle Ricker's gold

5) Team Norway's pants

Work has been very busy...

Tomorrow is another auction in Victoria - I'll have my laptop and aircard so I can watch Team Canada - and Sunday is an 8k at Royal Roads University. Royal Roads is home to Hatley Castle

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  1. Your buddies Gary and Kevin sound very cool