19 Mar 2011

Animals and More House Hunting

I used our other camera this week and found this pic from the fall - Quandary Peak from our house outside of Breckenridge (well, the house we rented for 50 nights)

Earlier this week I heard rustling while out back

Baby snakes

Not a huge fan of snakes but they all seemed to scatter after being born. Good luck

I took Friday off from the sweatshop that is AT&T. It has been pretty intense all year and life is made more difficult because I can't stay connected for too long to the internet. I don't feel like calling our useless IT "Support" in India so I live with it.

We were going to run around Denver. It had snowed the night before and somehow this guy made it in our fenced backyard for breakfast (I guess he jumped it)

Today we went to Boulder to drive by 7 houses. Actually, 5 are in Longmont, 1 in Lafayette and 1 in Boulder. I was mellow as I did my final long run before next Sunday's half-marathon - 13.8-miles in 2 hours and 7 minutes. Last week I did 31-miles, so should be all set as the Colorado race season begins

Here is a donkey on the way to the first one, less than a mile away

And here is a fire on the way. I assumed it was a controlled burn of some sorts

The house itself. We'll go back Sunday with our realtor

The view. I think this is Long's Peak

The neighbours...

These two look very nice but are off the list for a variety of reasons

More views while driving around

The next house looked good. It's unique. Hard to tell from the photos but it is built into the hillside. The garage looks like it is 90% underground

The view looks east which is a drag (the mountains are west) but still nice and 15 minutes to downtown Boulder

Another odd thing is it borders the US Government's 2.5-mile x 1.5-mile "Table Mountain Field Site and Radio Quiet Zone"


And here would be our other neighbours...

We then went back to Boulder's Pine Brook neighbourhood - minutes to North Boulder. This was the only pic we took (we were in the car) - it looks over a reservoir

The final house we looked at was maybe 9-miles east of Boulder in Lafayette. We cruised around Boulder first as it was such an awesome day. And not raining. HAHAHA

The house is odd. It is on 7 acres with these views:

But...it seems that suburban sprawl has crept close (see behind in this fuzzy photo)

I'm sure tomorrow will be fun. We've also found a few cool looking homes in West Denver just south of Cherry Creek in our price range so we may check them out next week

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