5 Mar 2011

In the Mountains

It was a good week of running, hitting 25-miles for the 1st time since Seattle last November. Thursday was very sunny, humid and warm (> 60) so Hudson was wiped out after 4.4-miles

It was a brutal week at AT&T so we decided to head up to Georgetown Friday afternoon. Georgetown is a little over an hour away from Denver on the way to Breckenridge. On the way is this fun house - has it's own Wikipedia entry:


If we lived in Sugarloaf this is the road we would come out from to I-70 - the "Canyon City Parkway"

Heading west on I-70 is beautiful - and pretty much all uphill (from 5,500' to 11,150')

We went to Georgetown specifically for a rare book I had seen at an antique store last year. At the time I thought it was cool - about the Swtizerland Trail. Maybe 400 pages with probably 400 photos (and the trains stopped running by 1920). It was a 1st edition and signed but $125. HAHAHA. But...now that we may live on it...

...also found an old burro bank...

...and while I was in the area I may as well drop in one of my favorite local microbreweries in Idaho Springs...

Frozen waterfall across from Idaho Springs

The drive back to Denver requires focus

Saturday was going to be my big run for the week as I have a half-marathon in 3 weeks. Hudson, however, really wanted to join so we did 6.5-miles together. Then Maureen and I went to Boulder to run on the Switzerland Trail out of Gold Hill. This was our first visit back into the burn area since we left CR-83 and our first time west of our old place

These first photos are before CR-83 (east on Sunshine Canyon)

West past CR-83 along Sunshine Canyon on way to Gold Hill

I didn't realize it was so bad all the way up (3-4 miles). For some reason this made us sad - this was such a fun house with all sorts of fun historical things like this old mining car. The house is gone

Looking west to the Continental Divide as we entered Gold Hill. Still an awesome view

We went by the first house we rented on Dixon Road. The fire came maybe 50 yards from the house but the house is ok. We were thrilled to see the neighbour Pete and his balloon house (hard to explain) were safe. The fire went through the Gold Hill cemetary across the street...

Here it was before nice and green

Here was the neighbour on the other side

The Colorado Mountain Ranch lost a lot of old historic buildings. This seems to be one of the furthest west places hit

Several miles on a dirt road and we were at the trailhead

The Wife

We got a different view of the burn area, looking northeast to Gold Hill (the 1st two - you can see the fire retardant dropped by the slurry planes in the 1st photo - that stuff really works well) and east toward where the fire started in Emerson Gulch (the 3rd photo)

This house barely made it. The winds changed direction and came out of the southwest and took the fire towards our house

Back on the trail

Afterwards we went to Nederland for Frozen Dead Guy Days (there is a dead Norwegian frozen in a shed in Nederland - 21 years now). Sadly we had missed the coffin races and the polar plunge


Drivng home along Boulder Canyon

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