11 Mar 2011

House Hunting Update

Here is today's news from the Boulder Daily Camera

"Lefthand Fire: Air tanker en route to Boulder County, 223 homes evacuated"

The best news is that they (the awesome Boulder County Sherriff) learned hard lessons from last fire (this came across twitter from the Sherriff's office):

"Escorts for evacuated residents to retrieve pets from their homes are being provided"

That said...two additional homes are on our list after looking at four more last night...

We took no photos at the first home we saw as the owner was there. It was a really nice home but too dark (as in not enough sun)

The second home was in Boulder Heights. It is $625K and on a little less than 2 acres with 2,700 sq ft. It seems as though it needs no work and is well built. It is pretty private with beautiful views


Here are some pics:

The third home was the closest to Boulder and and only $485K on 1.7 acres with 3,102 sq ft


Here is why it is only $485K:

Ahahahahahahaha! The driveway from hell. Steep and north-facing (needs to be south-facing to get the sun)

The final home is a house on Sunshine Canyon that juuuuuust missed out on the fire. Maureen always liked it - but at the time it was $799K. It was taken off the market awhile back. Now the owners just moved out and the house is about to go back on the market at $699K. It is beautiful from the outside and has outstanding views (you can see Denver over 30-miles away). It's 5 acres is extremely private and is maybe 10 minutes to town. Inside...it needs work...


Here are some pics:

Denver off in the distance (on the left)

You can see where the Fourmile Fire stopped (60% down and 20% from the left)

Of course the other house on our list is Sugarloaf:


After house hunting we got a few drinks with some new friends in Boulder, good times

As far as the Lefthand Fire, it has grown since I started the blog but sounds like it will be ok: "Boulder County blaze up to 300 acres, some evacuations lifted"

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