16 Oct 2011

Buchanan Pass (2)

Sunset last night

Went back to Indian Peaks and the Buchanan Pass Trail. Already did a blog on this trail - I took the camera in hope of seeing moose. Only animals (other than dogs) seen was a bloody spine & pelvis wedged in the rocks - I missed it but Maureen and others saw it

The trail head is shared with an OHV road. Boulders are specifically placed per a ranger - "if you can't make it over you have no business on the road"

Went out 5.6 miles and up 1,000'. The goal is the full 8.1 miles out and 3,199' up to the Continental Divide. Not sure that will happen this year - another winter weather advisory up there tonight may mean too much snow

On the way back I hurt my foot. Booo!

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