5 Oct 2011

2011-12 Boulder Sweet Leafs

If you are not a hockey fan, you may want to skip this post

Last Tuesday was our annual fantasy hockey draft. After a solid 2010-11 (beat Dan "Bruce" Bangert for 5th place on the last day of the season), nothing short of our 2nd championship is expected by our rabid fans

I think we lost two franchises but gained two new franschises for twelve teams. Doug Hinds (pictured below, on right) is the new Commissioner

Our league has 2C, 4W, 3D, 2G and 2 Utility positions. Categories are G, A, +/-, PIM and PPP for skaters and W and Save % for Goalies

Ladies and Gentleman, your 2011-12 Sweet Leafs

Eric Staal, Centre
Eric has a Stanley Cup and a Gold Medal. Last year he had 76 points, 72 PIMs and 29 PPP

A good Ontario boy. Eric is the type of guy who's cool to hang with but a guy you should not trust to drive your girlfriend home. Possible Sweet Leaf captain

Mikko Koivu, Centre
Mikko is rock solid and unspectacular. Last year he had 62 points, 50 PIMS and 22 PPP in only 71 games. He was a Sweet Leaf last year as well

Steve Ott, Centre
Steve is here for one reason:

Aside from his 183 PIMS last year, he actually put up 32 points with 10 PPP

Daniel Sedin, Wing
Daniel Sedin is The Man - and the defending scoring champ. 104 points with 42 PPP. Vancouver crushed my soul last June but I'm still on the bandwagon

Patrick Sharp, Wing
Patrick is a classy Thunder Bay boy who put up 71 points with 26 PPP. It's not his fault he plays for Chicago

Drew Stafford, Wing
Drew was a "smart" pick - meaning you really do not want to draft him but he is the best available player at the time. No one will ever appreciate the pick

51 points, 34 PIMS and 19 PPP in only 62 games is good stuff. But Drew Stafford always misses games. It's not like he's fighting. What's up, Drew?

R.J. Umberger, Wing
R.J. was drated because at the time he was supposed to be on the 1st line with Rick Nash and Jeff Carter. He's already been bumped back to the 2nd line

Still, he managed 57 points last year. Solid - but no guarantee he won't be waived at some point. His upside seems limited

Andrew Brunette, Wing
Andrew is on a line with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp. Given he averages a weak 0.3 PIMs per game, he needs to put up good numbers. Fast - or it's waivers

Steve "Little Stevie" Sullivan, Wing
One of Don Cherry's favorites. Steve was a last minute pick when I read he was going to be on the Pens top line with Malkin and James Neal

I just waived him for Joffrey Lupul. Sorry, Stevie. Good luck

Andrew Ladd, Wing
We waived Andrew Ladd for Sheldon Souray earlier in the day. Sorry Andrew. Good luck in Winnipeg

P.K. Subban, Defense
Other Jackass GMs do not appreciate P.K.

38 points, 18 PPP and 124 PIMs - as a rookie. P.K. - see you in a Team Canada jersey in Russia come 2014...

Tobias Enstrom, Defense
No one knows Tobias. That's what happens when you play in Atlanta

The 26 year old Swede has put up back-to-back 50+ point seasons. Last season he had a decent 54 PIMs and an impressive 28 PPP

Hey, Tobias - who's the chick?

Mark Giordano, Defense
Mark put up 43 points, 67 PIMs and 25 PPP. For a lousy Calgary team. And Calgary will be lousy again. If things go poorly (as expected) he seems like a guy that will goon it up

Tomas Voukon, Goalie
Tomas was my 2nd overall pick. I expect better games than his Washington debut (an 82% save percentage)

What is going on in the pic below? F*ck!

James Reimer, Goalie
My season hinges on James Reimer. I need him to be as good as he was last season.

No pressure, James - it's not as though you're the starting goalie in Canada's largest city playing on Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday....

Mikka Kiprusoff, Goalie
I love Mikka Kiprusoff but I was devastated when I clicked "Draft"

Mikka is still good - but his save percentage has sucked 3 of the past 4 years (last 4 - 90.6%, 92.0%, 90.3%, 90.6%)

Mikka! Stop pounding Tomas Voukon - he's your Sweet Leaf teammate

Well...there you have it...I waived two guys while writing this blog...

The Boulder Sweet Leafs - your 2011-2012 Champions

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