2 Oct 2011

Mount Audubon

Sunday we went to the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and hiked up / ran down Mount Audubon

A trail near ours was closed for a Search & Rescue operations. A 70-year old man has been missing several days. It gets cold at night - the entire area is above 10,000'

Mount Audubon is an 8-mile round trip from the Mitchell Lake Trail Head with 2,789' of gain to 13,223'

Did a short detour about 50 minutes into the hike over to this "point" for a nice view of Rocky Mountain National Park

Catching up to Maureen on the trail to Audubon

It was a brutal hike - we were still tired from Friday and the trails became more rocky with a cold wind

Eventually we did make it. The Indian Peaks have spectacular views

You can see Lake Granby over on the east side of the Divide

Looking Northwest. Longs and Meeker at the back right

Mandatory summit pic. We took one of us together but I looked stupid. Since this is my blog I went with this pic of just me. Bwa-hahahaha!

We lost the trail on the way down. No big deal for me but "certain" people with shorter legs were not pleased

We mostly ran back as we were hungry. The plan was for me to go ahead, grab food and drinks and then come back to meet up with Maureen. I grabbed a few protein bars and cold drinks and about half a mile from the trail head I heard her talking. And then I noticed something to my right about 12 feet away. A BIG ASS MOOSE!

We hung out until he was further from the trail before walking by. Maureen had also seen a female and their baby before I had arrived (without the camera)

Colorado is awesome

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