20 Feb 2012

Drive to Seattle

Saturday we began the drive from Boulder to Seattle. Good weather

Fort Collins

Jackass Road - Hahaha!

Refinery town in Wyoming - Sinclair

Getting closer to Utah when the landscape becomes more interesting

Evanston, WY. 6 miles from the border. The official training site for the Jamaica Bobsled Team


Approaching Salt Lake, who were celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Olympics - when Canada won gold in hockey

Idaho. The Hungry Redneck Cafe?


Back in Washington

Mountain passes are generally not fun driving but having crossed several I'll put Snoqualmie Pass as one of the worst. One lane for the trucks, often heavy traffic, no lights and lane markers seem to have been taken off by plows

The one negative of the drive. Boo!

How's the weather here in Seattle? It's raining