5 Feb 2012

Boulder Sweet Leaf Mid-Season Review

Skip if you don't like hockey or girls or partying

Position: 1st Place

Really? How did that happen?

Good question. Let's analyze

Other GMs

Good people - but these pictures are pretty self-explanatory. This is my competition

GM Gary Chekan explains to GM Kevin Tracey why David Desharnais is a smart waiver wire pick-up

GM Doug Hinds in still a deep depression that he didn't play Cam Ward when he had a 47-save shutout at Boston a few weeks ago

GM Chris Shannon has forgotten he has a fantasy hockey team


Below ranking uses a secret Sweet Leafs formula. Stats based upon games actually played for the Sweet Leafs

You'll notice several Vancouver Canucks have suited up for the Sweet Leafs - that's simple common sense. Vancouver will be the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions and they have some of the best fans in the NHL

The Forward core is always in a state of flux (we just dropped Nugent-Hopkins for red hot Sam Gagner)

Daniel Sedin has not disappointed. Hope he keeps up the good work if Henrik's injury is serious

The above is for sale, BTW:


Patrick Sharp has returned from an injury. He better produce. Or else we'll trade him - I don't care how much our female fans would be devastated

Joffrey Lupul has been a gem found on waivers. We probably should think about a curfew for him

As an extra bonus - Buffalo does not like Joffrey:


Matt Moulson has played strong hockey - good work, pretty boy

Grabovski has been another waiver wire gem. WTF is he doing?


Not spectacular - but solid production

Actually, I take that back - the great Kevin Bieksa has been spectacular

Tobias on the other hand is a solid producer. Plus he has a cool leather jacket


Voukon has been inconsistent but above average

The Leafs tandem has been very good and somehow I seem to have generally played them when they've been very good

Kipper - what can I say? I almost quit the league the minute I drafted him. I apologize, Kipper. You are having your best fantasy season since 2005-06

Let's take another look at the at the Kipper pic

Hard Work

But modesty aside - I as GM and Coach deserve a lot of credit. I work hard and sacrifice my job. Here I am in the Sweet Leafs office