11 Feb 2012

Green Mountain #28 / #6

This guy came Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to hang for 5-6 hours. He would show up about 2pm and leave between 7-8pm. After Hudson and I were startled by and startled him Thursday morning at 6am, he hasn't been back

I am far from creative today - I couldn't come up with anything for a title. So, today was Hudson's 6th summit of Green Mountain (and my 28th). And one of the most fun summits too - it was unexpected (thought we'd run for maybe 30-40 minutes) and there was new snow - and finally the snow was packed perfectly for a fast run

Hudson reading the "no dogs" sign

75 minutes to summit, 5 minutes on the summit and 40 minutes down. Even Hudson seemed to enjoy sliding down (I'm not sure about that - he actually looked puzzled)

My hair not under my hat had frozen. I don't know what the temperature was when we started before 7am - but it was 6F 2 hours later