30 Jul 2012

Llama Race

Saturday were the Llama races!

Maureen registered for the non-pack race (the pack race required the Llama carry 33lbs)

Wandering around Front Street pre-race

The guy - Carl (maybe Karl) - next to Maureen at the registration table had a Llama for her to race. Fire - short for Fire Dancer. Here is the team

So there was the Pack Llama race, the non-Pack Llama race and then there was a Team race. Here are some members of one of the teams - the Dolly Llamas

Fairplay was packed for the start

Video of the Pack Llama start. Carl is the guy at the end of the video

Video of the non-Pack Llama start

Short video of Maureen & Fire

The course was 3 miles with 5 water crossing - some deep

Maureen & Fire bringing it in

Maureen, Fire & Carl