20 Jul 2012

Green Mountain

I was going to leave at 10:30am and beat the heat but then my Boss's Boss called - and then my Boss. And so it went. I didn't get started until 2pm and it was hot - 98 when I finished

I thought I was the only idiot out in the heat but I ended up passing 100 polite teeny-boppers from the Boulder Running Camp. Funny, they weren't running. I was on the way up and they were on the way down. They were very supportive:

"Wow, great job"
"Look at you"

So I'd run faster than normal with perfect posture before walking or resting once they were out of sight

This is so cool - I used the MapMyRun app today. Not sure how accurate it is. It said 5.8 miles with 2,090' - I think it's 5.3 miles with 2,300'

Anyways, the app takes my run and if you have the Google Earth plug-in you can see the actual run pretty close in. So here is Green Mountain (run counter-clockwise, normally I do clockwise - I realize no one cares)