9 Jul 2013

Fourth of July

Started the 4th off with a 4K over by Avery brewery. My goal was to break a 7-minute mile pace. Missed by one second. Booo!

I come across at 5:28 in this video. It doesn't look like I'm going very fast. I had envisioned myself looking more like the guy who came across at 5:38. That guy is awesome

Went up to the old mining town of Jamestown to hang out with our friend Jill for the afternoon. The local parade

Wood chopping contest

Fireworks in Boulder from the back porch

Random pics from runs:

Green Mountain

Gold Lake Road trail from Jamestown



We will be buying the house we've rented off-and-on the past few years. Given the wife is excited I was able to negotiate that the next house we buy in 5 years will be in British Columbia.  This will be our view every evening until then (assuming nothing fucked up is found during inspections)