24 Jun 2011

Back House Hunting

We saw two houses today - one on the street where we are renting and another just three minutes west of the house we had an offer on just over a month ago

We liked the latter. We decided after just getting out of the $875K house that we would try to keep as much financial flexibility as possible. So, this house is smaller at 2,582' on 1.2 acres


The thing about the size is it's brilliantly laid out. Still, it's about 1.5 rooms short of what we ideally wanted (where the "almost bought" house was two rooms we had no use for). And while it doesn't have the glorious mountain views, it would cost $375K less (assuming we would buy for $500K)

The pics are more for us to look at and see how we feel


Entertaining Room

Not-So-Formal Dining Room


Spare Bedroom

Hockey-Watching Room (also known as TV Room)


View from Overlook

Master Bedroom

In between the Master and the Office is a small little screened-in area. Kind of cool

The Office

Front Porch

Side Porch

View looking East


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