11 Sep 2011

Neder Nederland

Nederland is a small town 20 miles & 2,800' from Boulder. Neder Nederland is their annual race - 2011 was the 30th year. Below is pre-race

The first half was a 300'-or-so ascent that wasn't really noticeable until the turn-around and we were running downhill. Whee! I came in 5th of 73 and won my age group - good for a medal and chocolate toffee!

We stayed for the post-race party in the park and they were giving away endless prizes randomly. Maureen won a shirt and I won 8 free visits to the community center in Blackhawk, CO (unfortunately it's an hour away)

We wandered around town after. The below 2 capture much of the downtown core

We bought a (rare) historical book on Sugaloaf and shirts from the 2011 Frozen Dead Guy Days (which we attended, although we missed the fun events)

Driving home we stopped off along Boulder Canyon Road and cooled off in Boulder Creek

Took Hudson for a 30-minute trot in the evening near the Flatirons with a full moon in the sky

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