18 Sep 2011

Exploring Boulder Mountains

Sunday morning was chilly. 48 degrees at 7am. Perfect running weather for Hudson. We went to Dry Creek Trailhead (dog running trails) and did 3.5-miles

Afterwards I decided to try and run Green Mountain and finally post a good time. Green Mountain is outside our windows and stares back mockingly...

The summit from Gregory Trailhead (up Saddle Rock / Greenman & down Ranger / Gregory) is supposed to be 5.3/5.4 miles with 2,344' of gain. All three prior efforts involved unintentional additional distance and elevation gains - twice due to getting lost. This conversation sums up Saturday's attempt:

Chris: "Where am I?"

Elderly Couple: "Flagstaff road is that way"

Chris: "Flagstaff road??"

Sunday went well - I did not get lost and completed it in 1:26:57

Afterwards we went to a few open houses and drove by the fun Fourmile house we looked at Friday. We saw a sign for a Gold Hill town rummage sale and decided to head up. Gold Hill is at 8,300' and 10-miles from Boulder. There are several ways to get there and we decided to go via Gold Run Road - which is 5-miles up Fourmile

We had never gone this way. This is a rather historic mining area and was one of the worst hit in the fire

The rummage sale was over but it's always fun to visit Gold Hill and the great views

Afterwards we went on an even more rural dirt mountain road. It is also off of Fourmile - it starts as Logan Mill Road and turns into Escape Route then Arkansas Mountain Road before arriving in Sugarloaf. It is steep with lots of blind curves and is really a one-lane road with no guardrail

There were a few areas hit by the fire and pockets of lost homes. There is no way a fire truck could make it up or down this road. I don't know who lives here. But - there were excellent views at times and there is wildlife. The fox sat there for a good minute before it moved

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