9 Sep 2011

Mesa Trail

Thursday evening we went to Gunbarrel for a 5K race with an ex-US Olympian (Alan Culpepper) and 3 members of the Japanese National Team. Not surprisingly they all beat me. I did come 2nd in my age group and won $15 and a medal. Combined with a free 10-minute massage after the race it was a good night

Friday we looked at a few homes - a fixer-upper on a super busy street (no), a really nice house at a busy'ish corner in Niwot (mmm) and a house with character on 1.6 acres in a 100-year floodplain (maybe)

Friday afternoon went for a run from South Mesa Trailhead to NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research, http://ncar.ucar.edu/home) where super-smarties work in a location so nice I'd actually go into the office if I worked there. The run is 10.6-miles round trip up against the Flatirons with somewhere between 1,250' - 1,500' of gain

Fancy new trail-running shoes

About 2-miles to get up running under the Flatirons

Bear warnings

Bear scat


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