26 Sep 2011

South Arapaho Preview

Tuesday me and Leadville Chuck will be summiting 13,397' South Arapaho peak

Monday me and the Wife did maybe 4.2-miles of the 8- or 9-mile round-trip, ending our hike at 11,250' at the Fourth of July mine (we never planned on making it to the summit)

After going through Nederland and Eldora, the trailhead is at the end of 5 miles of a real rough dirt road flanked by foliage and waterfalls

The trail begins in the woods but shortly emerges

At first we thought these mountains is where the Arapahos (South and North) were. They are not - but they are visually spectacular

We stayed on Arapaho Pass Trail and crossed a field before arriving at the intersection with Arapaho Glacier Trail - our route tomorrow

At this intersection is the Fourth of July mine - closed a century ago

This is Tuesday's hike (it goes behind this)

It looks easy. Not these pictures:

Check these short videos out:

So...if I die at least I didn't die at work

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