16 Sep 2011

Green Mountain

Hudson has enjoyed the pool and went 4 straight days. Wednesday we met a friend and her dog Charlotte (next to Hud below)

This was the 2-3 seconds that he actually swam

This dog jumped off the diving board maybe 8 times

Friday we looked at 3 homes. All were good

This one is somewhat near where we are staying now (great locaton). We had low expectations but were curious enough to check it out. It turned out to be pretty cool with a great view

This one, Friday was our 2nd visit. We are thinking about it but not prepared to make an offer yet. The caboose is not included

The final house is 0.6-miles up Fourmile Canyon. It is probably too small and definitely overpriced but really cool. You need to cross the foot or car bridge over the creek

Later in the day we ran / hiked Green Mountain. It was a great fall day. We went up Saddle Rock and came down Ranger / Gregroy

Boulder from maybe 700' up

The summit

On top of this is a metallic plate with little points identifying what mountains you are able to see. The little "cap" holds rolled up papers so people can sign and date when they reached the summit

Looking Northwest

Looking East

This looked like a regular plant at first but it's hundreds of ladybugs - there were thousands on the summit

Views on the way down

Deer leg in tree (???)

Milk snake (harmless)

After a light rain as we ended our hike we saw this rainbow on the drive home

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