27 Jul 2011

Last Week in Santa Fe

It has been an eventful time here in Santa Fe, just me and the Hud. Today is Day 16 not smoking, running has never been better and we think this house is haunted

Not much to say on the not smoking - it has gone extremely well aside from minor sleep issues the first few days. It helps that it is over 90 degrees every day and I have a number of bets that I can / can't go 6 months; $500 cash, $100 bottle of whiskey, accelerated stock vesting at my start up, a night of drinking in Denver / Boulder and a Smoothie

Here are some pics of lightning from Sunday (night) and Monday (day)

A close-up of the above lightning

Lightning is almost horizontal to the right

The haunting. The other night I was hearing noises upstairs. I thought "WTF" and got up. The light was on upstairs - since Maureen left and I quit smoking no one goes up there. I quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed two knives, whistled for Hud and we ran upstairs. Nothing - except the ceiling fan was going full speed

A few days later I was on the phone with the start-up CEO, Gary, and I clearly heard a woman's voice about 15 feet behind me. I'm in rural Santa Fe - the house is on acreage. Gary asked if that was a side-effect of quitting smoking

Running has never been better. In the 6+ weeks since we returned to CO & NM (from the pain of Vancouver) I've averaged 31.4-miles per week with 1,701' elevation gain. My "friend" in Denver, however, sent me an e-mail today saying: "42-miles in 2.5 days"


In 24 days he's doing the Leadville 100 (100-miles with 15,600' elevation gain - must finish in 30 hours). I'll be pacing (you can have people run with you over the final 50-miles) from mile 50 to mile 60.5 (maybe 2,500' elevation gain over that stretch, Hagerman Pass). I'm pretty excited actually. His goal is 29.5-hours

Here are some pics of the trails about 5 minutes from the house here in Santa Fe. Built for mountain biking but open to all. Hud has had some good runs here too

Another fun sunset

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