16 Jul 2011

It's Hot

Here is the 10-day forecast. Where me and the Hud are staying, add 6 degrees

Tuesday was the last day we got rain. Soooooo close to having all those mountain running trails open (per the running store today), just need 1 or 2 more rains

The fires were still going Tuesday evening

And Wednesday evening

And Thursday evening

And Saturday afternoon

Hudson has been a champ. I was worried because he had no desire to run with me. I had a chat and he said "Dude, it's 92 degrees out. Leave me alone"

So we have gone to the shady park 5x this week at 6am when it's in the low-60s. He has played with maybe 10 different dogs running around off-leash before people start to wake up and call the cops

Even though the trails have been closed running has gone well. In the 2 weeks I've been here have gotten 61-miles in with about 2,700' of elevation above 7,000'. Some of the running has been pretty interesting, from the fancy art neighbourhoods to Route 66 to the Rail Trail

Still...bought some new trail shoes today in hopes that the next two weeks will be done in the much cooler, shaded and hilly Dale Ball trails

The food here is fun. I'm especially fond of Green Chiles

Also this week Maureen was able to replace one more thing lost in the fire last year - this apron

Two more weeks and then it's off to Fairplay, CO for Burro Days!


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