4 Jul 2011

Santa Fe

After getting booted until August 1 from Boulder, we headed to our next favorite place - Santa Fe

The stormy season has just started. View from our balcony

Hudson is not pleased even in his "Thundershirt" which helps him relax during these storms

New Mexico is seeing record wildfires - which have also shut down ALL my favorite running trails (due to extreme fire danger and so many local firefighters gone to help fight the fires near Los Alamos and Santa Fe Ski Basin). This is the haze from the Ski Basin fire

Random shots around Santa Fe

This made it on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" - we ate last time and it was a Dive

We are staying near Tesuque, a small town. This is most of downtown, a very fun market / restaraunt

Bishop's Lodge road is where we'd live if we lived here, a backroad from Tesuque to Santa Fe

Shot of our house

Shot of my favorite New Mexico microbrew

These are pictures from our house of the fire near Los Alamos - one week after it started

Sunday night

Monday night

Our camera isn't so good at night - esecially about 20-miles away as the crow flies - but these are flames

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