11 Jul 2011

Swinging Bachelors in Santa Fe

The fires are more contained but still burning. This is Thursday - the first is smoke and the second is another sunset made more spectacular by the fires

Friday night I went for a run near St John's college - normally the entrance to the mountain trails but now a starting point to run on Alameda / Canyon. It's still pretty cool, the below are from this route

Saturday we went to the Santa Fe Flea Market and then downtown. Below in order is the state capital, random architecture, Palace of the Governors (built in 1610 by the Spanish and per Wikipedia is the "oldest continuously occupied public building in the United States") and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi (good guy)

Saturday's fire pic - keeps moving south best we can tell

So - swinging bachelors. Maureen had to make the 1,436-mile drive back to Redmond as her Dad is having surgery Tuesday. So me and Hudson are single...

First thing we had to do was take care of the heat - no air conditioning and not enough window shades has made it very hot. As in 88'ish by late afternoon

We set this homemade contraption up to limit the sun coming through the skylight

While looking for a ladder we found a portable swamp cooler. HAHAHA! Life is good

The day started with me taking Hudson for a 2+ mile run and then hitting a few tennis balls. Then I dropped him at home and left to get a long run in before it got too hot

I ran 8.2-miles on the Rail Trail and the last 2-3 miles was in 80+ degrees with a blazing sun. I ran the last mile with Vinnie, a 59-year old local marathoner who was also saying how hot it was. Then again, he was finishing up his 20th mile

I came home and Hudson had thrown up - poor guy. After taking care of that I set up the sun block and got the swamp cooler going

The storms finally started - some needed rain and not needed lightning bolts. I took about 100 photos trying to catch a lightning bolt but no luck

Today I took Hudson to a park and hit some tennis balls. He got to meet yet another girlfriend - Neko or Nico. They ran around awhile and then I came home to work (boooooo)

And then we got the heaviest storms yet in the 9 days here (it is "monsoon" season)

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