1 Aug 2011

Santa Fe to Fairplay

Saturday we made the 290-mile drive up US-285 to Jefferson, CO

This was somewhere in Southern Colorado, where they love their trains

Mount Antero

Token Cow and Horse pictures

After dropping the Hud off at the cabin we were renting I drove to Fairplay for the Burro Days festival. The Burro race was the next day so these guys were at a petting zoo (with the baby goats and yak and llamas)

View on the drive back home

Stopped off at the historic / almost ghost town of Como, famous for it's roundhouse

The roundhouse was fenced off, sadly

The best view is from the highway

Maybe houses where people live in have to be painted bright colors

This guy didn't seem to trust me

I went back to the cabin and me and Hud went for a walk / run

Sunset from the porch

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