28 Aug 2011

Sugarloaf Mountain

Saturday night went up to Sugarloaf Mountain, a short 2-miler with 475' of gain - but valuable time at higher elevation as it peaks at 8,900'

It is also where we almost lived. It was a beautiful evening

Driving towards Sugarloaf Mountain up - of course - Sugarloaf Road

The trail is rocky

Views are shockingly (being less than 500' up) stunning

Here is the house that was almost ours (dead center)

The "ghost" trees are from 1989's Black Tiger fire


Here is a view of where last year's Fourmile Fire started (I think the far left is Emerson Gulch)

You can see how close it came to the Sugaloaf community, which lost 17 homes mostly on Left Fork and Mountain King. If you don't know the area it came about a mile from the main road

The shadow of Sugarloaf and Boulder in the distance

Google Maps seems to be in the process of updating the mountains west of Boulder - looks odd with one half pre-fire and one post-fire

This is our neighbourhood - which we visited this week (with the people who helped rescue Hudson)

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